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Bloom Realty is part of Bloom Realty & Insurance over a 100 years. The company is a well known and a staple business in the Atlantic City area. Richard Bloom broker of record, who grew up in Atlantic County and continues the legacy of his family business leading the diverse group of real estate associates to success. The multicultural, multilingual professionals set the agency apart from its competitors while providing outstanding service to their customers.

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Rick Bloom

Designated Realtor

P: 345-234-5678

Mohammed Chowdury

Sales Assoc. – Realtor

P: 609-214-4187

Lan Dang

Sales Assoc. – Realtor

P: 609-335-1145

Danny Huynh

Sales Assoc. – Realtor

P: 609-992-0827

Fonny Lau

Sales Assoc. – Realtor

P: 347-285-6938

Tina Nguyen

Sales Assoc. – Realtor

P: 609-355-1145

Luisa Wong

Sales Assoc. – Realtor

P: 609-553-8036

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